While Helotes is located a few seconds away from one of the fastest growing parts of San Antonio, the city has a historic feel that must be experienced first-hand. Helotes has maintained a rugged country charm that is cherished by the locals.

Sandra Day O’Connor High School is located in Helotes and is ranked in the top 30 Texas high schools. Not bad considering there are currently 1,487 high schools in Texas. The school was named after the first woman to be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. We are a proud booster of Sandra Day O’Connor and offer 10% service discounts to all NISD teachers and staff.

In 1946, John T. Floore opened the landmark John T. Floore Country Store, which has become one of the most popular honky tonk dance halls in South Texas. Floore also financed the first annual Helotes Cornyval festival in the 1960s, which celebrated the opening of the new post office.